Welcome to the world of personalizes stamps. United States Postage Stamps - Custom Design, Inc. is a leading provider of a personalized postage stamps with the custom pictures - the new era of postage stamps design with the old fashion well-known perforation stamp style. We will professionally create the adhesive stamps from your favorite pictures - digital images or photographs and send you with the official USPS issues ready for mailing. Use them on letters to your family, friends, customers and business partners. Celebrate your special events and holidays with new personalize stamps. Send invitations or inform your friends about important moments in your life. Advertise your business or raise the funds with the new personalize stamps. Use them every time on envelopes, parcels, and cards, collect them as limited quantity pieces of history in unused or cancelled on letters condition or stamped with our special commemorative cancels. With USPS Custom Design we will make mail personal and unique for you